Base URL

The UNDRCTRL API is built on REST principles. We enforce HTTPS in every request to improve data security, integrity, and privacy. The API does not support HTTP.

All requests contain the following base URL:


To authenticate you need to include the key in the body parameters of your request, where ctrl-12345-6789 is your API Key.

    "key": "ctrl-12345-6789"

Response codes

UNDRCTRL uses standard HTTP codes to indicate the success or failure of your requests.

In general, 2xx HTTP codes correspond to success, 4xx codes are for user-related failures, and 5xx codes are for infrastructure issues.

API Response Codes and Descriptions

200Successful request.
400Check that the parameters were correct.
401The API key used was missing.
403The API key used was invalid.
404The resource was not found.
429The rate limit was exceeded.
5xxIndicates an error with UNDRCTRL servers.
Check Error Codes for a comprehensive breakdown of all possible API errors.